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The Mini-Mindset Makeover Workbook has 5 easy chapters that show you the exact lifestyle habits you need to establish the right mindset for healthy, empowered living.

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Powerful practices you can implement throughout your day.

Intuitive Journaling Prompts

Enjoy powerful prompts that help you uncover your "why" and "how."

Easy to follow steps

All 5 steps take under 20 minutes per day!

About the Author

Meet the wellness warrior behind The Mini-Mindset Makeover!

Jamie Molnar, LMHC, RYT

Jamie Molnar is a licensed psychotherapist and a registered yoga teacher passionate about mind-body-spirit living. She is dedicated to the practice of holistic healing that empowers us to discover true and lasting happiness. Using a unique combination of modern psychology and ancient yoga philosophy techniques, she teaches women who feel overwhelmed and uninspired by their current lifestyle the specific steps they need to create powerful shifts within, let go of the stress and enjoy the peace and contentment that they deserve. She offers realistic, practical, no-nonsense solutions and loves working with women who are passionate about personal growth. Jamie truly understands where you are at and will empower you to get where you want to be!

“I always get excited for women who are ready to make changes and take action steps towards living a healthy, happy life. It means we are creating a movement where women believe they deserve to feel good and are empowered with the tools to do so. It means we are creating a community of women that love and support themselves and each other. And that is what this book is about." 

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